Welcome to COOL RIDES of Ohio – Located at 3064 State Rt. 5, Cortland, OH 44410


Welcome to Cool Rides, Home of Classic Investments. Cool Rides was started by two friends, Mike Jones and George Rogers located at 3064 State Rt. 5, Cortland, OH 44410.   Mike and George, who share a passion for cars, founded a business that specializes in Classic, and Collectible Cars.    Our dealership recognizes that the young and old alike appreciate the character, styling, and beauty of Classic vehicles, attracting attention wherever they go. There is an old saying that Classic Cars are better than money in the bank! Cool Rides prides itself in finding affordable Classics that will not only hold value, but increase in value over time.   If you are interested in buying, selling, or trading a vehicle that says more than “transportation,” Cool Rides aims to be a resource for you.  We welcome all collector car lovers to stop in and share your passion for cars.  We are always interested in what others consider a COOL RIDE!  It  may be the Speed,  it may be the Color, the Style,  a Convertible,  or just the iconic lines of times past.   Cool  Rides features  cars from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s;  including Trucks, Sports Cars, Cruisers,  American Classics like Corvettes to British, and European Cars.




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